Touratech Suspension Plug & Travel ESA Expedition SET for BMW R1200GS Model 2010-2012

Delivery time: Delivery 3 - 5 days

Delivery time: 3-5 days

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This Plug & Travel ESA Expedition suspension system for the BMW R1200GS is specifically designed for long-distance travel with a lot of luggage, for all road conditions through to track stages. The BMW ESA buttons function in exactly the same way, but the ride characteristics are significantly better. The Plug & Travel-ESA shock absorbers have been specifically configured for the original BMW ESA equipment of your BMW R1200GS with the same ESA ride modes, top performance and the finest of suspension system technology for your BMW R1200GS. The BMW ESA shock absorber simply replaces the complete BMW ESA shock absorber. The existing plugs and switches on the handlebar are used as usual. Thus the Touratech suspension shock absorber is integrated into the motorcycle using the original BMW controls.

Info: Only fits BMW R1200GS 2010-2012 with BMW-White Power Suspension

The main features and facts of the Plug & Travel shock absorber:

- The Plug & Travel ESA suspension system configured ready for installation 'Out of the Box'
- Special Touratech-Plug & Travel setup for balance, damping and rebound.
- Plug & Travel ESA Expedition hydraulic 'PDS' bottoming out protection
- Plug & Travel-ESA Expedition expansion tank for adjustment of the basic setup and for optimised cooling.
- The Plug & Travel ESA shock absorbers are connected to the original plugs.
- Unique, robust, electrohydraulic Touratech 'Extreme' spring pre-tension .
- Integrated in the shock absorber, the unique Touratech Plug & Travel stepping motor for damping adjustment.
- All components are operated by the BMW control unit and are integrated in the motorcycle.
- Operation using the original BMW ESA button remains unchanged.
- The same ESA button with substantially better effect.
- Identical BMW ESA ride modes with better ride dynamics.
- Display of the BMW ESA ride modes in the familiar manner on the BMW display.

The Plug & Travel-ESA replacement suspension system for your next
long distance adventure trip with your BMW R1200 GS.

Features of the Touratech Suspension Plug & Travel ESA:
- The shock absorber housing is made of aluminium / steel.
- All assemblies and components are designed for intensive use with heavy touring motorcycles.
- Large 16 mm piston rod made of chromium-molybdenum steel for maximum stability and durability
- Fitted with special low-friction seals.
* This results in very low wear and long durability of the shock absorber.
- The suspension spacer is fitted with sturdy stainless steel bushes for the fastening screws.
* This gives the fastening screw a firm, backlash-free fit, even at highest loads.
- The Touratech Suspension stepping motor, developed specifically for us, is integrated into the suspension shock absorber.
- Uniquely robust hydraulic 'Extreme' spring pre-tension via BMW ESA button
- All setting options of the BMW ESA are retained in full.
- The Touratech Plug & Travel ESA is operated via the original BMW hand controls.
- Special Touratech setup for balance, damping and rebound.
- The Plug & Travel suspension shock absorber for the ESA is fully service-enabled. This allows permanent maximum ride dynamics.
- The Expedition PDS is a hydraulic device to prevent the shock absorber from bottoming out, and involves the use of a second
* damper piston. The effect: no mechanical bottoming out of the shock absorber.
- The Expedition expansion tank permits a larger volume of oil and this improves cooling action at high
* damping frequencies. An additional pressure stage damping adjuster separated into High Speed
* and Low Speed, facilitates very precise and extended adjustment of the Plug & Travel ESA basic setup.

The installed basic setup is set for riders up to 100 kg including travel luggage. Adjustment for considerably higher loads or other exceptional requirements is possible. The suspension shock absorber is then customised by us to your requirements using a spring with a higher spring rate and other configurations. Please use our suspension check formsuspension system check form and send us the
filled in form.

Scope of delivery:
- Touratech Suspension Plug & Travel ESA FRONT shock absorber
- Touratech Suspension Plug & Travel ESA Expedition REAR shock absorber
- 2x Touratech Plug & Travel ESA electronic systems.
- Mounting instructions.

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