Illustrated book *Kurs Ost* - *HEADING EAST* by Andreas Hülsmann

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Claudia and Andreas Hülsmann travelled eastward with their motorcycles for four months.

On their journey through the "backyard" of the former Soviet Union they travelled more than
17,000 kilometres with their motorcycles. The world changed gradually with each longitude
they crossed on the way to the East. Their journey to Central Asia took them through Turkey,
Georgia and Azerbaijan.

They crossed the Karakum desert in Turkmenistan and had a glimpse in the burning gas
crater of Darwaza. Their journey took them further to Uzbekistan past old cities of the Silk
Route with names such as Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand that still entice the fantasy to
this very day.
In Tajikistan they crossed the Pamir Mountains. Over the plateaus of Kyrgyzstan and through
the frightful endlessness of the Kazakhstan steppe they made it to Siberia. The goal of the trip,
Lake Baikal, was within reach ahead of them. But the nights grew colder. Minus 12 degrees
Celsius was what the thermometer read each morning. The first snow was falling further east.
Claudia and Andreas Hülsmann had to yield to the Siberian winter. From Krasnoyarsk they
took a trip on the "Transsib" back West.

In the illustrated book "East Course" there are many monuments that can be seen from the trip.
It shows the fantastic landscape, lively culture and the big hearts of the people who live in Central Asia.

The book is only available in german and english.
All text and captions in the book are repeated in
both German and English.

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